Brewery Update


We will update the website soon as the system is 100% done, we are still tweaking some final items (I suppose it’s never done as we always like adding more stainless, so we will update the site when it is 98% done).

With all the kegs full, we decided to tear the brewing system down and have a few changes made to it. (More Photos to Come) Most noticeably is the color change. The brewery colors will be Brown/Black.

On the brewing side: We have made the following Kettle Changes

MLT: (was the old HLT) Brought along are the False bottom and the sparge lid from the old MLT.

HLT: (was the old MLT) Swapped locations with the MLT. Added a 25′ stainless coil inside to complete the switch to a HERMS system, instead of direct fire. This add on include two exterior ports (in and out) for the inside coil. A sight glass was added to monitor water levels. Lastly a water inlet port was added to the back side for easily obtaining desired water levels.

BOIL: After the wort passes through the plate chiller, it re-enters the boil kettle at a top inlet. We now placed a thermometer on this inlet to more accurately measure the temperatures coming out of the chiller. The only other change is that we added ports for a secondary or back up chiller. We plan to use the 25′ coil inside of the HLT once we switch that to a 50′ coil.

An electric panel was built into one of the panel to control our two March Pumps. Our last switch panel was outside and we kept tripping over the wires, so we decided to build right into the cart. The box is sealed quite well and protected from any boil overs or water.



The biggest improvement we have made is plumbing water lines into the cart. This makes the process all that more clean and simple. As you may have noticed on the brewing side of the cart, two copper lines extend from the below the cart. One line is controlled by the bottom side valve (Chiller). This is a straight line of water that is hooked up to our plate chiller. The other is a waste line for the water that has passed through the chiller. The (Filter) and (Wash) valves are outputted between the HLT and Boil. As the name implies, the filter valve water passes through an inline filter, which is mainly used to fill the HLT. The wash valve is used to fill the tanks with water when sanitizing. The inlets and outlets on the bottom plate are as labeled. Currently the recycle is not hooked up, however the plan is to add a valve and combine with the waste out line. This will add the ability to have a hose hook with a spray nozzle to use for cleaning during the chilling stage, while not affecting the flow when the nozzle is closed.



This is the view from the “Spectator Side” of the brew cart. If we are brewing at events, this will give us a very clean look to our set up.


We are adding a few more valves and stainless items to the cart and will update with final(ish) photos when done. Currently, we have 5 batches through the updated set up and we are finding it upsetting we had not made the changes previously.


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